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Kyd held two large bags of money in his hand— the look in his eyes said ‘no, this is mine.’

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On the outskirts of Albany, New York, the tiny, poor town of Carp is nothing. Boredom. A small population of 12,000: everyone knows each other; the teenagers have nothing to do; the adults struggle to meet their responsibilities. 

Everyone claims they don’t how it started, but the truth is simple: Panic was born of boredom, out of the need for excitement in a town everyone crawls to escape from. During their senior year, every senior pays a $1 tax every day until graduation. At the end, the total is counted. Post-graduation, any willing graduated senior can participate in Panic, a competition for money that typically symbolizes their means to leave Carp for good. Two judges decide on the tasks and disguise themselves as some of the many spectators. No one knows who the judges are. No one asks. If a judge is found out, another is chosen and Panic continues on. 

The prize this year: $80,000. 

The cops stake out every year to stop Panic. Anyone found participating is at risk of arrest. 

  • Two judges will be selected at random. If their muses’ identities are found out by other muses and made public they will be replaced. 
  • If you wish to participate, contact fatalaftershock.
  • Your muse does not have to participate in Panic itself to be a part of this verse. They can be spectators as well as friends of the participants. Competitors aren’t supposed to have help, but as long as they aren’t found out anything goes. 
  • The tasks are supposed to be dangerous and often illegal. People do get hurt. 
  • The group tag will be: v; panic. Feel free to tag as you wish, but updates will always be from that tag. 
  • This verse is based on the book Panic by Lauren Oliver. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.
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"I do not think that is the normal behavior!"

Take the money— Don’t look at the pretty alien girl— Just run with the money.

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If there’s any reason to join ttrpg it’s gavin

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So I did this thing here

Name: Kyd
Western Star Sign: 
Scorpio (The Scorpion)
Chinese Zodiac (Animal): Rat (The Artist)
Western Element: Water (Emotions)
Chinese Element: Fire (Huo)
Planet: Mars (Ardent)
Yin-Yang Symbol: Yang
Celtic Druid Zodiac: Chestnut (The Honest) 
Birthstone: Topaz (Rejuvenation)
Divine Number: Seven (The Independent)
Season: Fall
Divine Color: Gold (The Sensible)
Day of the Week: Tuesday

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1958 Three Seater Sofa ❤ liked on Polyvore (see more two tone furniture)
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Do you read Kyd fanfiction on the fanfic website?



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yeah ok whatever later nerd

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