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Understandable, understandable, yet it’s perfectly understandable, comprehensible, comprehendable, not a bit reprehensible, it’s so defensible.

Talk to my character using only song lyrics. They’ll reply doing the same.


Let’s make a musical!


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Stranded, Team 1



Josh noticed the sounds first—the cries of sea birds and the whisper of trees. It tried to wake him up, but his eyes were so heavy that he struggled against the weight of them and the weight of his limbs as he dragged himself awake and moved to touch the feathers nestled into his arm. That was something familiar and comfortable. It made everything else seem all the stranger, though, and when he finally opened his eyes and began to make sense of it all, he forced himself to sit up.

…Wait. Where was he?

There were waves stretching up dangerously close to his boots, and an ocean beyond that. Josh scooted back, and Jeshula instinctively shifted closer to him when he moved away from her. She seemed to be caught even deeper in sleep than he was, but it wasn’t her fault that he couldn’t shake the grogginess. Had he been drugged?

His head was spinning. There were palm trees behind him and a blanket of sand beneath him, and alarms were going off like crazy in his head, because obviously something was very wrong. And he wasn’t alone. There was someone else there on the beach, and another not too far. He sat where he was and pulled Jeshula into his arms, trying to wake her up in what was quickly becoming a confused panic.

Jeshula began to blink awake, and Josh realized that the nearest person looked an awful lot like the unmistakable cloak-bearing Dove. His lips folded into a line, and he pulled himself over to her and gave her shoulder a gentle shake, keeping his half-sleeping familiar tucked into the crook of his arm. He didn’t know what was going on, but at least there was a face here that he recognized.

The haze of consciousness oblivion dissipated from the telepath’s mind with a quiver in her eyelids, and a groan… She was waken more by the sudden awareness of confusion and panic touching his mind, reflected in hers, than his touch - and it was a moment before Dove could discern her own muddled thoughts from the telepathic reception.

Her next breath escaped her in a sigh - softened, pained… exhausted… Her body was slow to rouse from the forced sleep. But her mind was quick to worry. And that concern doubled the moment she realized— that was Josh’s mind worrying so close! The telepathic signature between him and his familiar was unmistakeable.

She wanted to ask… why. But… It was like… numbness, faintly feverish… faintly sick. Gravity rarely ever cooperated with her, but today it seemed especially determined to hold her to the ground when she tried to move… but she grit her teeth, her still-closed eyelids tightened against the headaching discomforts, and she dragged herself upright.

"…Mmmmngh…" Concern was her strength. But she couldn’t help the wavering groan, and she pulled her knees up, bowing her head in her hands as she tried to rub her temples… and finally, she could hazard to open her eyes. Still bleary and dizzied… but, Josh’s image formed beside her, and the island background beyond him.

Her first words were slurred, but sincere. “…Poor Jeshula…”

Why couldn’t she focus - on him, on the island - on anything? She was usually such a light sleeper… she could usually snap to awareness at the faintest nearby sound. It… It had to have been unnatural. Magic, maybe? Drugs? She’d already discovered that some drugs took a devastatingly powerful effect on her body… and Jeshula’s tiny body couldn’t be dealing well with a Josh-sized dose of tranquilizers. (Well, at least memory was creeping up on her enough to realize, fleetingly and disjointedly… how glad she was that Sieara wasn’t allowed on missions.)

Of course something was wrong. Kyd Wykkyd was on an island, when he was last trying to contact the lost members of his former squad. When his eyes pushed the sensation of sleep away by thrusting his eyelids up. 

His first instinct he learned at the HIVE academy, he was to observe. He was on a beach somehow. A bird’s feather was near to him, no doubt a gull, indicating he obviously there was a food source. His red eyes turned to angry slits as the bird had left more than a feather on his cloak. Regardless, he turned to see he was not alone.

People younger, or seemingly younger, were still unconscious. His first instinct was to cling to the shadows, his special skill. The one thing he could to without a flaw. They started to stir, and he could tell words were formed. 

Then his instincts reminded him, he was Kyd Wykkyd. If he was on a beach, then he would just get off the beach. He stepped out of the shadows, the trees provided no room for his cloak to envelop him. These two strangers were confused, and he took amusement. 

He did was he was good at, and silently wedged himself in. His devilish smirk said See you later, suckers, and with a whisp of smoke and a flick of a cloak, he was gone.

Gone, he thought.

Then suddenly, a sharp pain hit him in the… all over, and his was hurtling towards Earth until he was face down in the sand, clawing for life. His life flashed before his eyes… no, actually, it was the whole island and the two people, and the sheer fear of Oh my God what the hell I can’t teleport is this even real what’s happening and so on.

He didn’t black out. He stood up, and looked to the other two, utterly distraught. 

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I bet no one would have believed it, but… KYD WYKKYD MADE AN (imaginary) APPEARANCE IN TEEN TITANS GO!


It was the best moment in my life thus far! I mean, when even that can happen, then how unlikely is season six still going to be? Like srsly

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Another fast runner? Ugh.


      “Crash costume! I like it!”



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Good evening, young man. Is there something you need?

He looked around before shrugging. Shaking his head, he extended a hand.

Queen Bee extends her hand, but not for a hand shake. As a queen she expects visitors to bow and kiss her hand. “The name is Queen Bee. Who might you be?”

He stared at his own hand awkwardly, before high-fiving the woman lightly. “Kyd Wykkyd.” He said, bowing a little to the Queen.

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[Text to:] [Fish Stick:] Tell the twins anytime [Text to:] [Fish Stick:] And a dollar for the swear jar

[Text to:][Kyd:] Bye.

[Text to:] [Fish Stick:] No babe I need you

[Text to:][Kyd:] Go be creepy somewhere else.

[Text to:] [Fish Stick:] I’m still at my house so idk where else to be creepy

[Text to:][Kyd:] Goodbye.

[Text to:] [Fish Stick:] I’ll teleport in and be creepy there

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Good evening, young man. Is there something you need?

He looked around before shrugging. Shaking his head, he extended a hand.

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